Mining Cryptocurrencies

By www.Swisscryp.com
Swisscryp Mining
We are proud to announce that we are an official Business Partner of Swisscryp.com.
Since we want to offer our customers as much cryptocurrency related services as possible, we found for the best opportunity in cryptocurrency mining
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Why did we choose Swisscryp?

- Multi mining option for the best results
- Trusted company with a team of experts
- We worked together with the owners for multiple years
- Great returns (way above average)
- Fast costumer Support
- Daily profitability check of the mining equipment

What does Swisscryp offer?

- Mining packages varying from €1250-500.000
- Mining packages with managed portfolio service
- Payout and payment in multiple currencies
- Possibility to set up complete farms for costumers
- Multi-mining

SwissCryp Coupon Code

Since we are an official Bussines Partner of Swisscryp, we can give you a small gift. We have a Swisscryp coupon code that gives you 0.5% back on your investment straight away! By using this Swisscryp coupon code you will the discount on your Swisscryp wallet when you participate in the mining process.

Swisscryp Coupon Code


Mining Packages

Mining Profitability

ANY company that is claiming a fixed percentage per month is lying to their customers. (if you ask me) Since mining results are depending on a lot of variables, there is no way that a company can promise you an exact percentage per month. It is great that there are so many mining company's out there.... But in the end, most of us are interested in the profitability.
Since Swisscryp is monitoring their mining 24/7 they have managed to get an average result of 160% on their mining contracts.