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What can you expect from our services?


We are taking the responsability to help you the best we can. By becoming a member of our service you agree to Terms and Conditions. Make sure to read these thoroughly! Sharing any of our content our signals will be handled as a violation of our copyright.

Risks & Results

Altough we are very proud about our results..... Results from the past are no guarantee for the future. As stated in our terms and conditions we want you to be aware of the risks involved in cryptocurrency trading. This is a highly volatile market with big risks involved.

What we do not provide:

- Financial advice of any form
- Managing your funds
- Giving any guarantees on the results
- Trading of member accounts*

*If you are interested in a manged portfolio,
we can forward you to the right company.

What we do provide

- signals for educational purposes.
- Supporting you in the world of cryptocurrencies.
- Sharing our opinion on the market & cryptocurrencies
- Providing you with the tools to do your own research and trades

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