Crypto Art

Crypto Art

Looking for Bitcoin and Crypto art? You came to the right place! Here is our collection of Bitcoin paintings.
All of our crypto art is created by a well-know artist. Small introduction Chribu here.
Bitcoin Painting Luxurious

Bitcoin Painting: Luxurious

Bitcoin Painting: Profusion

Bitcoin painting Profusion

  • Certificate of authenticity

  • Highest quality paint and canvas

  • Exclusive Cryptocurrency Art

  • Well known artist

Crypto painting Point of view

Bitcoin Painting: Point of View

Bitcoin Painting: Piece of Cake

cryptocurrnecy painting piece of cake

Bitcoin Paitning The Fuddle

Bitcoin Painting: The Fuddle

Bitcoin Painting: The Groovy

Bitcoin Painting Groovy
Bitcoin Painting: Cornucopia

Bitcoin Painting: Cornucopia

Bitcoin art Rvolution

Bitcoin Painting: Evolution

Crypto Painting TheMultiplier

Bitcoin Painting: The Multiplier

Who is Chribu?

ChriBu is seen as an autodidact artist and a natural talent. She is a self-made artist who never needed to stand in the picture because her artwork speaks to the soul. She is a level 15+ painter (for those who know what that means).She has been born with her artistic talent and has developed her knowledge and skills over the years. Her creations of art can be found in Belgium, The Netherlands, France, Germany and even in Guadeloupe. She has listed some exhibitions, one of which is in the Ikazia Hospital in the Netherlands at the department of oncology.

She is lovely different and is very self-centered. She never wanted a stage. ChriBu also works as a volunteer for special people, such as people with visual impairment. Thus, in her way, she gives something back to society. Her passion for creating, painting in depth and color giving to the elusive makes sure she strives to make the impossible possible.

As a human, she is very committed to her fellow human beings and teaches the blind and sighted ones. For this group of people she has developed the Ⓒ.cryb-method. This is a method that teaches them to make a work of art in 3D and even in color. Even blind people want to show to people who can see, what they mean and feel by painting there piece of art.. The cryb method has been balanced with NLP techniques, color therapy, cryb painting pallet and 3D crybcolorwheel. Color is true with all the senses. Creating is 90% the result of a feeling.